Keeping up with the latest trends in drug delivery

Keeping up with the latest trends in drug delivery

In the dynamic and rapidly growing healthcare research landscape, continuous innovation in the field of drug delivery is critical to enhancing both the effectiveness of treatments and the patient experience across pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and nutraceuticals. Industry-wide shifts in therapeutic focus, changes in the types of active ingredients being developed, and constantly evolving

In the dynamic and rapidly growing healthcare research landscape, continuous innovation in the field of drug delivery is critical to enhancing both the effectiveness of treatments and the patient experience across pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and nutraceuticals. Industry-wide shifts in therapeutic focus, changes in the types of active ingredients being developed, and constantly evolving technologies, regulations and consumer preferences are continually driving new discoveries.

Dosage forms such as tablets and injections, though still heavily relied upon, are giving ground to new technologies, such as nanoparticles and immunoconjugates, as researchers seek more targeted and controlled delivery approaches that are compatible with new therapeutic agents and minimize adverse side effects. In addition, frequent advances that address shifting consumer preferences, while remaining cost effective, are required to maintain share in these highly competitive sectors.

For researchers and business leaders in this diverse and dynamic field, keeping up to date with the latest relevant discoveries and trends is critical to efficient innovation and development of marketable products. This blog post explores the unique challenges of keeping current on research in this field and how to overcome them to maximize innovation and efficiency.

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Market monitoring minimizes risk and maximizes opportunity

In the fast-paced field of drug delivery, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends can sometimes feel like a luxury for which you simply don’t have time. However, failing to maintain an awareness of the market landscape risks wasting significant effort and investment to repeat work already published or patented by others. In addition to the financial implications, there are also legal risks to consider if missed information results in patent infringement, regulatory transgressions or adverse patient safety incidents.

From the strategy perspective, maintaining an awareness of the global landscape can help you build a better understanding of your competitors’ research strategies. While you might already have some knowledge of your closest competitors’ strategies, it’s often the players you don’t know about who can be the most disruptive to your plans. Adopting a comprehensive market monitoring strategy is, therefore, a vital part of obtaining the insight you need to make the best possible decisions and ensure time and resources are used wisely.

Complexity and breadth make monitoring more challenging

Though keeping up with the latest developments is critical to your innovation success, it is by no means easy. This is especially true in a complex, diverse and dynamic field such as drug delivery, where a carefully considered current awareness strategy is essential.

One of the key challenges with monitoring disclosures in drug delivery is the breadth of relevant information. While it’s clearly vital to keep up with key trends in your specific area of focus, it’s also important to keep an eye on what’s happening in other related fields. The increasingly multidisciplinary nature of drug delivery research means that relevant publications span a wide variety of sources in fields including small molecule chemistry, biochemistry, biology, material science, polymer science, analytical chemistry, engineering and many more. It is also necessary to be able to combine different types of search criteria, such as active ingredients and property data, to be able to obtain highly relevant results.

A second challenge, not unique but highly relevant to drug delivery, is the global nature of the research landscape and commercial market. Maintaining current awareness in one country and language is challenging enough, but in today’s global research community, critical discoveries can happen anywhere and are disclosed in many different languages. Though translation software can be of some help, it often performs poorly on scientific content, leaving gaps in your view of the landscape. Staying up to date on worldwide regulations and commercial trends is also key to successfully bringing new pharmaceutical products to market.

The right solutions ease the burden of staying up to date

Effective current awareness strategies rely on having access to the right information and monitoring solution, which together ensure that you get precise insight based on all relevant disclosures, without wasting time sorting through extraneous information. This is particularly challenging in a field such as drug delivery that encompasses so many different technologies and topics.

In the case of drug delivery, the right information resource must cover key publications globally for all relevant areas of science and technology on one platform. That is a tall order. Furthermore, it must include key details such as chemical structures, properties, key terms, etc. to support precise search profiles.

Traditional search engines allow you to retrieve published information using criteria such as keyword, chemical name, inventor or publication date. However, the coverage of these public resources is limited, putting you at risk of missing key disclosures, and the search capabilities do not provide sufficient precision. Also, many sources must be consulted to get a global perspective covering all key areas of interest. Overall, this can make the process of landscape monitoring burdensome and very time intensive, leading many to give up on a systematic approach and instead settle for getting sporadic updates by reading key publications and attending conferences, when time allows (which is rarely).

Before throwing in the towel on comprehensive monitoring, and accepting the associated risks, consider that there are alternatives. To save valuable time and avoid missing any critical developments, tools built specifically to extract insight from global scientific publications are a worthwhile investment. These solutions, such as SciFindern and STNext®, provide a single source for monitoring global patent and journal publications, as well as regulatory resources. Furthermore, the content collection these solutions are built upon is curated by scientists speaking more than 50 languages with expertise across disciplines to normalize diverse information and make key details and insights accessible and searchable in English.

These platforms offer powerful functionality, such as unique search capabilities for chemical structures, biosequences, polymers and formulations, as well as push notifications when new publications are disclosed. This allows you to efficiently retrieve the most relevant information by combining criteria, such as active ingredients, relevant keywords and property data, while maintaining full confidence in the completeness of coverage.

The right information solution makes the seemingly overwhelming task of monitoring the innovation landscape in drug delivery quite manageable, allowing you to stop worrying about what you may have missed and begin enjoying the confidence that comes with having a clear view of the landscape.

Staying ahead of the curve

The dynamic nature of the drug delivery field means keeping on top of emerging market trends is vital to successfully guard against risk and take full advantage of future opportunities. Whether you’re looking to commercialize your research now, or further down the line, implementing a robust monitoring strategy to alert you to new discoveries and emerging trends ensures you always have a comprehensive understanding of the field to advise your day-to-day decision making and long-term strategy.

Contact us to learn more about how CAS solutions can unlock your R&D productivity by helping you keep up to date on new discoveries and emerging trends across scientific disciplines.



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